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HLT’s revolutionary solutions help students study on-the-go for college admissions tests, classroom courses, professional certifications and licensure exams.

At every key point of a student’s educational journey, HLT is there. We deliver learning content when and where students need it most—transforming mobile devices into powerful learning engines.

  • Bite-sized, interactive content for busy learners
  • Insights that spark content mastery
  • Progress tracking for immediate feedback
  • Customized study plans to focus areas for review
  • Practice questions with thorough explanations

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HLT was sparked by paper flashcards that Alec Whitters, Co-Founder and CEO, and his peers were using to study for their dental boards. Wouldn’t it make better sense, he thought, to use their smartphones to study.

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“This product is really helping me answer questions that used to be hard for me. I can't put it down!”

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